Great Teamwork makes dream interior

Great Teamwork Makes Dream Interiors

All renovations start with a bit of dreaming: more space, better light, less clutter. You visualise the type of life you want to live in your home. Some clients go for bold colours and splashy interiors. Others prefer quiet and serene spaces.

Once a design dream is born, a plan gets put into place. The planning stage is crucial to a fantastic finished product. You must work within your budget, address your pain points, and perhaps most important – establish a solid team. Great teamwork makes dream interiors.

An experienced team has a project lead, usually the interior design team, who ensures that all other team members are communicating and meeting deadlines within an established budget. There are so many parts of a renovation team that an amateur might overlook. From permits to pictures and coordinators to cleaners there are many moving parts involved in a home renovation.

For me, the last days of each renovation project are the most hectic and the most rewarding. It is during this time I must ensure that every detail has been executed to perfection and there are always unforeseen obstacles that must be tackled.

The end of this adventure was no exception! What was lurking in the homestretch this time? Snow! In Vancouver! Known for its mild winters, the city slowed to halt while we waited for deliveries to arrive on time.

In the meantime, our cleaners dusted all day. Loads of protective cardboards had to be removed from the new hardwood floor, packed and recycled. The team worked ceaselessly to ensure that space would be spotless for our excited clients.

In the few remaining hours before our clients were due to arrive, Martin, our photographer, patiently set up for the final photo shoot. We were still waiting to receive missing shelving for the entertainment unit, and some thoughtfully chosen pieces of furniture were yet to be unboxed – but there is a certain joy in all that haste and rush and waiting!

Knowing that weeks of hard work and problem-solving has culminated in such a beautiful finished product is so rewarding! It is always at this moment I start to dream myself. I imagine the expressions on my client’s faces at the big reveal!

When this family arrived, their joy and astonishment over their newly designed space were infectious! It is always at this moment I take a minute to be proud of our team, put my feet up for an hour or two, and start brainstorming about the next beautiful interior I want to create! Design work is hard work but dreamwork at its best!

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