Carving Out Personal Spaces in Small Places

A big city often means living in a small apartment or condo with limited space. If you have children, you may find they take over most of the area with their toys, games, and friends.

The Problem: Lack of Privacy and Comfort

One of our clients faced this challenge in their living room. Their kids and their friends regularly claimed the big sofa as a social area and a place to watch movies and play games. The parents did not want to spend all their time in their bedroom, which they reserved for sleeping and resting. They wanted a cosy spot to relax, read, or chat without being disturbed. How can you create a corner and enjoy personal space in your small place?

The Solution: A Second Seating Area by the Fireplace

We found the perfect solution for our clients during a renovation project in Marinaside, Vancouver. We refurbished their fireplace, which previously seemed redundant and closed off by the media centre. They had floor-to-ceiling windows that offered a stunning view of the Marina, creating a perfect spot for a second seating area for the parents.

We selected two swivel lounge chairs that complemented the style and colour scheme of the living room. These chairs allowed our clients to enjoy the firelit view from any angle. They also created a beautiful contrast with the sofa, adding variety to the furniture layout.

Our clients loved their new seating area by the fireplace. They said it was a lovely corner to cosy up with a book and a coffee on Sunday mornings when the light poured into the room. They also enjoyed having privacy and comfort from the kids’ noise and activity.

The Benefits: Privacy, Comfort, Relaxation

Sometimes, we get used to a furniture layout and don’t consider other options and arrangements. A fresh approach and expert help can make your space function and look better.

Some of the benefits of having a second seating area for the parents are:

  • It provides a personal space where they can relax and unwind
  • It enhances the mood and ambience of the living room
  • It offers a different perspective and view of the room and the outside
  • It creates an opportunity for intimate conversations and quality time

Choosing the right pieces of furniture and finding a functional furniture layout for your space is something that we, interior designers, would love to help with. Creating a comfortable seating arrangement is as important as upgrading materials in your home. Furniture pieces, chosen right, would live year after year!

If you want to renovate your living room or any other space in your home, contact us today for a free consultation. We will help you carve out personal spaces in small places!

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