Carving Out Personal Spaces in Small Places

In most big cities, families live in apartments and condos with limited space.

In my blog, I have shared numerous solutions for additional storage and decluttering, but today I want to talk about creating comfortable areas in your home.

Recently, clients of mine realised that most of their condos had been taken over by their children’s need for space. For example, the living room is regularly claimed by the kids and their friends as a social area and a place to watch movies and play games.

Aware of sleep health, the parents did not want their bedroom to become the place they spent most of their time in for reasons other than snoozing the night away!

After considering their floor layout, I decided to create a cosy corner for the parents, complete with comfortable chairs and the warmth of a fireplace!

The fireplace creates a focal point for the area, and the position of the chairs makes the parents’ space the best seat in the house for a firelit view! Banked by floor-to-ceiling windows, a nature view can be chosen on warmer days!

Furniture is an integral element in the design of any space, and the right furniture layout is the key to comfort and function.

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