The Island or Peninsula Dilemma in Kitchen Design

What is most important in the interior design of a kitchen is the layout ~ how to utilize the space to create a comfortable working triangle (the space between the fridge, stove and sink) and more storage space. The emphasis should be on efficiency rather than what is trendy. Just because the island is a high demand design element in a kitchen does not mean it always serves its purpose.

False Creek North Kitchen before a home renovation.

This example of a Vancouver home shows how configuring the kitchen layout can create extra workspace and storage. The peninsula provides more space in a narrow kitchen and creates an integral look by adding great Kitchen Panels, in this case blending into the living space.

False Creek North Kitchen after a Peach Interior Design Vancouver home renovation.

In the new layout, the sink that previously faced the wall now gets the water view. Washing the dishes is more enjoyable when you can rest your eyes by looking out at a view instead of having a wall in your face!

A switch from an island to peninsula now allows for ample storage space, workspace and generous, comfortable seating. The layout is now functional and practical, as well as beautiful.

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