Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Your Home

After a Peach Interior Design Vancouver Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are among a home’s most expensive features and the interior design of them is often an afterthought in the home renovation process in terms of budget and space planning. Considering how much time people spend in bathrooms, it is surprising how few of them are well designed.

When it comes to bathroom and bathroom design , we don’t always have the luxury of a generous expanse of open space. Most of the time we are dealing with limited space and the room’s physical boundaries. There are also some other issues like mold or moisture, the best way to get rid of mold and having a better air quality indoors.

Every space offers individual opportunities for design and all you need to implement them is careful space planning. In a small space, the finest details will go a long way. How you choose material and fixtures affects the look, style, feeling, and overall interior design of the space. New patterns and colours can alter the feeling of a space and features, such as a slope ceiling, that are considered physical boundaries. Using creative design solutions, these can become a design feature.

Before a Bathroom Renovation

Nobody has to have a bathroom that is ordinary – yet most people do. With a small corner shower stall, angled toilet and a tiled tub, this master ensuite was the most under-utilized space in the house. The owners of this Vancouver home lived with it for a while, pondering what could be done to the interior design of such a limited space!

Before a Bathroom Renovation

Fresh Thinking

The skylight above a statement freestanding bathtub brings much needed natural light into the space. A larger custom made shower replaces the corner shower stall and clean-lined freestanding vanities add the feel of a larger space. Sand-colored large format floor tile, continuing into the shower, brings everything together. All this in a space that felt like it had no room for a remodel!

Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom

When renovating your bathroom, observe the space and get a feel for the bigger picture. See the possibilities of how to make the most of your space. What is the space about? Does it serve its true potential? Bathrooms are designed as a sanctuary of relaxation, not only as a purely functional space.

Use products and furnishings that are comfortable, easy to use, and make a big impact on style and function.

Frameless glass shower doors and walls are easy to clean and make your bath seem more spacious.

Freestanding vanities visually expand the feel of the space.

Use of clean and simple palettes of materials and understated detail makes a big impact on the style and function of the bathroom in a small space.

Upgrade to a one piece toilet with sleek design and ease of cleaning, or one at a more comfortable height for sitting and standing. They come in a variety of shapes and ranges these days. Choose one that is right for you.

A good shower head enhances the shower experience and is relatively inexpensive. You can find a variety of types such as: multifunctional shower heads, rain-head showers, and body sprays.

Consider changing the quality of the room’s lighting. Controlling each area of your lighting separately will allow you to adapt to your changing needs. Dimmers are a good way for the lighting to work at all times of the day from full on for the morning task to a soft subdued effect in the evening.

Mirrors spread light very efficiently. A carefully planned mirror installation can create the feeling of open space.

When space allows, a two vanity unit is inevitably better than one.

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