Wishing Everyone a Wonderful 2013

Happy New Year to all, from all of us here at our interior design studio in Vancouver! 2012 was fantastic; a year of growth and new opportunities in the Vancouver interior design field that took us to new directions. We hope the new year will bring peace and ease to everyone’s life. We are looking forward to the new adventures of 2013.

Yaletown, Vancouver, Loft

It’s been a year now that we moved our interior design company to a new location in Yaletown. It is the perfect space for us; we love it and feel so at home! A Yaletown studio with a simple industrial-style interior design in the heart of Vancouver, it has all the charm and character of an old warehouse: red brick walls, old growth timber beams, and polished concrete flooring. Best of all, it’s close to our favorite lighting and furniture stores, fine dining and coffee shops.

Yaletown, Vancouver, Loft

We moved in knowing that we would have a kitchen remodel and bathroom renovation ahead of us. Yes, renovations seem to follows us everywhere. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Though the drawings are done and materials have been selected, we couldn’t put up with the inconvenience of renovation while working on other projects.

The small kitchen is functioning as more of a coffee station now, but it has the true potential of turning into a functional part of the space. That’s certainly something to look forward to, but sometimes it’s better to sit on an idea for a while and dream about it. I keep changing the material in my mind, and I think by the time we get to the actual reno we might make a few changes and have some new ideas!

As much as we all like to take an old space and tear it up, it’s very important to be aware of the architectural and historical context of the space. It breaks my heart when some heritage spaces are transformed completely! We know that when we renovate, we will keep all of Yaletown’s wonderful charm and character in our studio.

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