West End Penthouse, Vancouver

These minimalist window coverings are the perfect shades for this West End Penthouse

The West-End penthouse is home to a wall of windows that showcases impressive city vistas. We wanted to enhance the view and maintain the minimalist design, so we opted to install Sheer weave Solar Shades. They don’t obstruct the view and yet they allow the flow of natural light while filtering out the sun’s heat and UV rays.


South facing windows need window coverings to minimize the fading of interior furnishings and prevent the glare of the mid-day sun. In our design planning phase, we carefully pre-wired all of the windows that were difficult to reach, making them easy to open and close. When the blinds are rolled up they seamlessly disappear into the window frame.

When people aim for a minimalist approach to window dressing, they will often opt for white shade, thinking that a lighter colour will be less obtrusive to the view.  But in actuality, the darker colour shades blend better because when they are rolled down, you are not looking at them, but rather, through them.

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