Bathroom Lighting in the Vancouver West-End Penthouse

Each bathroom in the penthouse, received layers of lightings for different tasks. The LED lighting under the vanities with long life span as the optional night light and mood lighting.

Top Lights on dimmers for soft, and even lighting and Side lights, that makes effective task lighting for grooming .

IMG_2129 copy

New bathroom lighting is integral to the new design.  It made sense to completely remove the existing ceiling boards and create a fresh, new look! Pictured here, Luke is carefully measuring to ensure there is room and access for all of the necessary plumbing and lighting.

IMG_2178 copy

Inadequate bathroom lighting not only hinders functionality, it dampens the spirit.  Here, we are rewiring the bathroom to set the foundation for new layered lighting that will enhance the room’s personality and performance.

IMG_2375 copy

The recessed medicine cabinets had to be prewired for their built-in outlets and interior lights. Unique bathroom environments calls for effective and innovative lighting techniques.

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