Original Hardwood Floors in the West End Penthouse – A Renovator’s Dream!


Flooring is an essential part of any room design. As a designer starts her project, she will typically start removing aged carpet. At this point, every designer holds their breath to see what they will have to work with. When original hardwood floors are revealed, we all breathe a sigh of relief!

In this Vancouver penthouse, we discovered we had beautiful hardwood floors underneath the carpet. Oak floors! And oak is considered to be the most sustainable wood! As conscious designers, we are committed to sustainable practices and material selections so the decision was easy to keep the hardwood floor!

This particular design plan called for the removal of several walls to create an open concept plan. That means our team was faced with missing flooring underneath those pesky old walls!

Now that the decision has been made to repair and refurbish the existing hardwood floor, we first have to address the existing water lines and base heaters that were hidden inside of the removed walls.


Pictured above, Andrew works on hiding the piping – which is not an easy task when there is not much space between the concrete and the subfloor!

Original Oak Hardwood Floor repaired
John is our floor refurbisher.  Here he adds the new subfloor while expertly adding new pieces of hardwood to match the floor seamlessly.

Repairing Oak Hardwood Floor

John, our floor restorer,  has worked hard matching the floor, piece by piece, ever so patiently! Pictured here, John is both glueing and nailing down the floor, making sure everything is sturdy and ready for sanding. A refurbished floor will not look polished (pardon the pun…) if it is not stable and each piece (both new and old alike), indistinguishable.

Repaired Hardwood Floor- Vancouver Penthouse

Our team was so excited to discover this original beautiful hardwood flooring underneath the old, carpeted floors! But we wonder how the floor will look – will there be a visible line where old meets new? Well only time will tell – the floor is ready for sanding and we are leaving the site, giving John and his crew the space they need to complete this part of the project.

refurbishing Original Hardwood floor-west end penthouse

Can you spot where the existing walls were? We know where they were and even we can’t!

It’s the attention to details that make a house a home. That may sound like a dated cliche, but when you walk through your newly renovated space, we think you will agree. When what you see is quality, meticulous accuracy and a finished design that brings your vision to life, you can’t deny that approaching each step of the renovation with experience and precision creates a comfortable, inviting place to call home.

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