Kitchen Floors Renovation From Ground Up

Kitchen Floor Renovation from Ground up

When it comes to kitchen floors, especially in an open floor plan, we usually repeat the same flooring material throughout the space for consistency. Having different patches of flooring material in a small area is cluttering and makes it look smaller.

In this design and renovation project in downtown Vancouver, we had the original hardwood flooring throughout the penthouse restored. Some of the precious wood floorings were hidden under the carpets! However, in the kitchen, there was no hardwood to be found, so we had no choice but to tile the kitchen floor with tiles that would compliment our design concept and colour scheme.  Sleek, charcoal grey tiles were the perfect solution! The modern tiles beautifully complement our kitchen cabinetry and countertops too.

A good eye for design can match a variety of materials and patterns and cohesive aesthetic brings a comforting flow to any space from the ground up!  

kitchen subfloor replacement
Today Luke, Our carpenter, is replacing the old subfloor and installing a new one.

We start with the basics, and this is an essential step to a robust floor. A subfloor is a solid material beneath your floor. Floor coverings usually need a plywood panel subfloor as they cannot be installed directly to a floor joist. When a subfloor is damaged or weakened, you should replace it with a new sturdy one.

Tiling Kitchen Floor
Foundation in place, Let the Magic Begin!

Our design team absolutely loves these Italian, charcoal-grey tiles from World Mosaics.  The rich, dark colour of the tiles is repeated throughout the penthouse and gives the overall space a cohesive appeal.  The sleek, modern look of the tiles compliments the cabinetry and countertops that we have chosen beautifully!

Kitchen Floor Renovation
The tiles have been installed and now we wait for 24-48 hours to complete the grouting.
 floor grouting
The grouting is complete

The new kitchen floor merges seamlessly with the refinished hardwood floor.  The flush installation allows us to eliminate transition pieces, creating a cleaner, more modern look.

Our kitchen Cabinetry is almost ready, and we have a tentative date for installation. The newly tiled kitchen floor needs to be dry for 24 to 48 hours before grouting.  The renovation project is moving forward smoothly, and every morning we cannot wait to come to the site and see some part of the project finished. It’s all coming together before our eyes, and it is all exhilarating!

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