How to illuminate a dark hallway

When renovating and remodelling any space, we have to pay equal attention to every part of the home to ensure all areas become an integral part of the overall design.

A dark hallway may seem to be a simple passageway, its only purpose being a thoroughfare from one place to the next, but our Design Team gives the same thought and attention to a hallway as we do any other area in your home. It is yet another precious space with the potential to be both functional and attractive.

The long hallway of this downtown Vancouver penthouse leads to three bedrooms and the main bathrooms. Although initially, it was rather dark and uninviting, the new design concept was to have an assortment of black and white photographs on the wall.

The repurposed hallway became a backdrop for a collection of pictures and paintings — a well-lit gallery wall!

We never overlook the importance of proper lighting in any space so we illuminated the dark hallway!

The long hallway had two old skylights that we replaced. Now natural light flows from the outside, in. We also installed new wiring and upgraded the electrical panel for new appliances and extra illumination. Because we were facing concrete ceilings, our creative solution was to run all the installations along a custom made ledge, mounted high on the walls, to hide the wiring and fixture mounts. The light flows up towards the ceiling and down, creating a wall-washing effect.

Skylight installation and well repair in the Vancouver penthouse
We addressed the old wiring first and then incorporated the penthouse’s two expansive skylights into our design. This created more natural light, giving the space a light, airy feel.

Installing sky light to illuminate the hallway
The new skylights are now properly installed and Angelos, our drywaller, is repairing the damaged and neglected well. After several applications of plaster and sanding, our skylights look sharp and clean, and the hallway is bathed in sunlight from overhead.

The pure white colour scheme and the oak floors make the hallway space feel airy and light. The envisioned gallery walls, illuminated and inviting, are now ready to shoulder a lifetime of framed memories.

Don’t give in to the temptation to neglect the design of functional spaces. Even a hallway can become more than a place that leads the way from one room to the next!

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