How to illuminate a dark hallway

Lights, Camera, Action! You Know They Say Lights First For a Reason Right?


Lighting is so often overlooked in design solutions these days.  Yet lighting is essential to the overall look and feel of every space.  Take for example, the long, lifeless hallway at the centre of this penthouse.  It was once a drab passageway, its only purpose being a thoroughfare from one place to the next.  But with the proper lighting, we were able to envision gallery walls, illuminated and inviting.


We addressed the old wiring first and then incorporated the penthouse’s two expansive skylights into our design. This created more natural light, giving the space a light, airy feel.


The new skylights are now properly installed and Angelos, our drywaller, is repairing the damaged and neglected well . After several applications of plaster and sanding, our skylights look sharp and clean, and the hallway is bathed in sunlight from overhead.


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