Now the Fun Begins! The Cabinets Have Arrived!

Every designer’s heart skips a beat when cabinets are delivered! This means that most of the foundational work is complete. Flooring, lighting, wiring, and plumbing – to some the less glamorous part of the renovation – have all been addressed and now the aesthetic begins to take shape!

The cabinet installers are already on-site and every team member is pulling together to stay on schedule. Ricardo, our painter, is applying the second coat of paint to the walls and Angelos, our drywaller, graciously volunteered to vacuum the kitchen floor to create a dust-free environment.

New cabinets have arrived

Our team members are awesome and that includes our reliable cabinet installers! They always show up on time and in good spirits. The cabinet installation is the highlight of each project, as we all love to see each new piece brings the kitchen to life!

Cabinets have arrived and being installed

Along with the cabinet installation, our stone fabricators are here to measure one last time to ensure complete accuracy of the countertop dimensions.  All of the teams have been precisely scheduled weeks in advance.  It is crucial that these diverse teams of professionals work diligently to meet all deadlines and avoid delays.

Our team has met face-to-face with a delay in deliverables today! The countertops will arrive one day late.  However, our appliance installers have agreed to share the workspace to continue moving the project along.

This is one of the reasons why hiring a professional designer is so important.  We work with well-respected, proven and experienced contractors that consistently handle obstacles with grace and precision timing.  We ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget – two objectives that are rarely met in do-it-yourself projects!

appliance installation

It all worked out in the end! Paul and Saied are hard at work and in few hours we will have a finished kitchen!

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