Custom Made shower

Bathroom Renovation-Building Custom Shower

The team at Peach Interior Design recently built a custom-made shower as part of a full penthouse renovation in Vancouver.

There are many options to consider when designing a bathroom space. Some people opt for a tub/shower combo, but a more modern approach is to install a walk-in shower, and if you are still looking for a relaxing soak once in a while, a stand-alone bathtub can be added as well.

Busy professionals usually opt for the more urban, modern walk-in shower due to the many benefits it offers, the first being safety – no tub rails for children and the elderly to step in and out of.

Walk-in Showers are easier to clean than a tub/shower combo which makes them much more convenient and last but not least, a shower is far better for the environment due to their lower water consumption.

The new custom-made shower we installed in this penthouse renovation looks minimalist but has all the comforts needed for a refreshing shower. Rain-style fixed showerheads offer a fresh experience while handheld showerheads are very efficient. They are adjustable for all heights and great for bathing kids and elderly. One with a long hose is perfect for rinsing and cleaning the shower. The shampoo niche is a sleek way to house all the shampoo and conditioner bottles. The frameless glass shower doors reflect so much light and make our small bathroom feel more substantial.

Bathrooms used to be seen as small spaces that serve only functional purposes. Today, bathroom design is an essential part of the overall home aesthetic!

The original washroom was a dated design with a pink interior, this space was aching for a more modern, executive look.

Building a shower curb

Today, Luke, our master carpenter, has started building the shower curb.

Shower floor

Steve, our tile setter, has installed the shower drain and is pouring cement in the shower pan and levelling it.

Tiling the shower wall

The shower wall receives the Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing membrane made of polyethene, covered on both sides with a unique fleece that guarantees a watertight shower.

Heated floor

To provide a solid underlay surface, and to ensure our beautiful tiles and grouts won’t be cracked we use Schluter Ditra underlayment. Nothing is like the feeling of a warm floor when you first step in the bathroom!

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