kitchen renovation and lighting plan

kitchen Renovation and Lighting in West End Penthouse

This kitchen renovation and lighting upgrade was part of a full renovation and remodelling in downtown Vancouver.  

The old kitchen had a typical lighting challenge — a single surface-mounted fixture in the middle of the ceiling as the sole lighting source. While this was a key feature in lighting design from years past, today multiple layers of lighting are required in order to create a fully functional design. 

Any kitchen renovation and remodelling project is a chance to address the shortcomings of the previous space and lighting is number one on the list! It is essential to ensure optimum illumination for all day to day needs – layers of lighting for different tasks such as food prepping, cooking and cleaning.

Designing a new lighting plan is what we do right after we determine the new kitchen layout. We start by building dropped ceilings which allows us to run new wiring for upgraded appliances and enhanced illumination.

This particular kitchen has two large windows and gets lots of natural light during the day, but we had to make sure that it had optimum illumination for evenings and the dark rainy days of the Vancouver climate! Therefore, we installed three layers of ambient, task and accent lighting.

Recessed Downward LED lighting on dimmers is ideal as it provides a consistent light layer for the areas that are not covered by task lighting.  LED bulbs are energy-efficient and they have a warm, natural-looking light. 

Task lighting installed under cabinets is the best design for food prep and cooking. The accent lighting highlights showpieces in the recessed wall which adds charm to an often utilitarian space. 

Installing lighting at various levels and strengths makes a significant impact on both the functionality and ambience of your space.  Choose an interior designer who will give proper time and attention to your lighting plan and then let her light the way! 

Luke framing the dropped ceiling

Luke, is framing the dropped ceiling!

Kitchen renovation and Lighting

Bryan, our electrician, is running all the wires and installing the recessed, downward LED lighting.

Denis is finishing drywalling

 Dennis, our drywaller, is finishing drywalling the kitchen ceiling. 

the wiring for lighting is completed
The ceiling is boarded and the wiring for the recessed lighting is completed.

The project is moving along smoothly-next, we will be installing the kitchen’s new subfloor!

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