West End Penthouse, Vancouver

Full Bathroom Renovation In a Vancouver Penthouse

West End Penthouse, Vancouver

Recently, we began renovation of the full bathroom of our clients’ executive penthouse in the heart of Vancouver. Our clients were hoping for better layout and function. A full bathroom renovation almost always requires some smart planning and a bit of creativity to add additional usable space. Their current design offered a typical three-piece, tub/shower combo with a single-sink vanity and toilet. Not only did we want to give our clients an enhanced design more suitable to their executive lifestyle, but we also wanted to add elements that increased the room’s functionality.

Full bathroom renovation in a vancouver penthouse-Before picture

The existing vanity was long enough to accommodate two sinks but, unfortunately, not as deep as we wanted it to be. Like all good designers, we went on a quiet hunt for treasure – extra space behind the wall! We began our journey by making tiny holes in the wall to determine if there were any unused areas, and yes, we hit gold – even if it was just a few inches!

Full bathroom renovation in a vancouver penthouse-before picture

We pushed the wall back those few precious inches to allow for new, mirrored medicine cabinets. We chose cabinets with built-in outlets to charge electric toothbrushes and shavers. Hidden outlets are essential to creating a clutter-free look!

Framed wall for the medicine cabinet- vancouver penthouse bathroom renovation

We were a bit disappointed to find large pipes running up and down the length of the wall, but in the end, we were able to frame the cabinets and install the rough-ins for wall-mounted faucets. Wall-mounted faucets work well with narrow vanities. Our vanity in this bathroom was 19 inches deep, and the wall-mounted faucets not only added a modern, sleek look to the bathroom but also provided more counter space!

The new custom made shower looks minimalist but has all the necessary comforts needed for a refreshing shower. Imagine the relaxation of a rain-style, fixed showerhead, a handheld showerhead, shampoo niche and a very clean looking frameless shower door.

There are many good reasons for converting a tub/shower combo into a walk-in shower. It is safer to get in and out of a shower and it is easier to clean. Most importantly, showers have lower water consumption and, therefore, are much better for our environment.

Before picture of the Full bathroom renovation of a vancouver penthouse

Before picture of the bathtub before converting to a shower

The journey of a bathroom renovation is one of curiosity, creativity and flexibility. Small spaces require clever planning and patience, and in the end, a new aesthetic is born! We turned this dated full bathroom into a bright, sleek and modern space!

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