Feature Walls – A Modern Approach

Do you find yourself staring at a long, blank wall in your living room?  A modern, creative approach to empty wall space is a feature wall!  

We recently renovated a penthouse in downtown Vancouver.  The design concept for the project was to create a modern executive suite for potential buyers or renters. 

The living room itself opens to a large patio with ocean views.  Nature took care of that feature wall! 

The north-facing wall was home to a fireplace and blank space.  Since a fireplace on the 15th floor in the heart of Vancouver is such a rarity, we decided to build a feature wall around it!  It is the focal point of both function and charm in the space. 

feature wall renovation-downtown Vancouver

It is important to carefully map out the space you want to use for the feature wall to ensure you utilize the space well. You do not want a feature wall to end up looking empty or poorly planned. 

Thankfully, there was enough space surrounding the fireplace to add depth and storage to our feature wall by building custom cabinetry around the fireplace itself. 

Feature wall renovation Vancouver downtown

The first thing we did was prewire the entire wall for all of the electronic equipment (television, projector, sound system and wifi).  Hiding wires is the first step to eliminating clutter.

We then added built-in, custom-made cabinetry with modern, clean lines.  Not only does cabinetry hide unsightly wires and plugs, but it also houses books, remotes, DVDs and photo albums.

The newly built wood box next to the fireplace is a perfect spot for storing wood, while also adding texture and warmth. The blend of modern and rustic looks is pleasing to the eye and is quite comforting. 

In the demo process, we encountered concrete walls that proved to be a formidable opponent. Still, we had to overcome structure difficulties to create a functional space –  finding design solutions could be one of the main benefits of working with an interior designer! 

Good design will allow you to create a comfortable, functional space that is both attractive and stylish! You should never have to sacrifice one for the other!

A blank wall - Renovation Vancouver, downtown
So anxious to know what is behind the plywood!

feature wall revealed
The moment of truth! Luke, our carpenter, has removed the wall’s plywood – here the naked wall is revealed!

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