West End Penthouse, Vancouver

Bathroom renovation in WestEnd Vancouver

West End Penthouse, Vancouver

Every bathroom renovation and remodelling project gives us a chance to rethink our existing space. It is exciting to work with newer and more sustainable materials while also paying attention to the little details that help a space look and function better.

A design choice that we favour a lot in bathrooms is building custom made wall-mounted vanities. They don’t sit directly on the floor, so they visually create the feel of more open space. Designers will often choose deep drawers with multiple inner drawers over cabinets with the traditional full door. This is a good example of replacing old design ideas with new, scientifically proven, ergonomic design. Full extension drawers are easier to reach than cabinets with the door. You have full access to the inner drawer with no need to bend over to reach the back of vanity.

As a designer, one of the first things I aim to improve upon in a bathroom is the lighting. My number one piece of advice is to multilayer the lights. LED lights installed under cabinets to act as mood lighting. Side lighting should be added for tasks such as shaving and makeup application and Ceiling lighting for general illumination.

One last suggestion for lasting luxury – a towel warmer! This may seem like an item you might reject as being ‘unnecessary’, but they are extremely useful for drying wet towels quickly which in turn, keeps them cleaner. Once you are sold on the functionality of the towel warmer, you are free to dream for a moment about that toasty warm towel waiting for you as you exit the shower or bath. Towel warmers save time, energy and are better for the environment and the spirit!

The smallest of details help our clients to get the most out of their small bathrooms.
Even the tiny shampoo niche that we carved into the wall will help to keep the bathroom clutter-free.

Before picture of the ensuit bathroom

Always aim for classic designs that stand the test of time and consider all the elements of improved space. In the end, you will have a room that reflects a full floor to ceiling redesign, which is as stated, is Bathroom Renovation 101!

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