Kitchen Floors Renovation From Ground Up


Today is the day we replace the subfloor.  We start with the basics and this is an essential step to a solid floor design.  A subfloor that is slanted, or has weakened over time, will detract from a kitchen’s ambience and functionality.   Today our carpentry team installs one that is sturdy, flat and without flexibility.


Foundation in Place, Let the Magic Begin!

Our design team absolutely loves these Italian, charcoal-grey tiles from World Mosaics.  The rich, dark colour of the tiles is repeated throughout the penthouse and gives the overall space a cohesive appeal.  The sleek, modern look of the tiles compliments the cabinetry and countertops that we have chosen beautifully!


The tiles have been installed and now we wait for 24-48 hours to complete the grouting.


The grouting is complete and the new kitchen floor merges seamlessly with the refinished hardwood floor.  The flush installation allows us to eliminate transition pieces, creating a cleaner, more modern look.

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