Bathroom Renovation In West End Penthouse

Our client dreamed of a new double-sink in the main bathroom.


The main bathroom was home to a tub/shower combo that we custom made into a clean looking shower with a frameless glass door.  We then added a rain-style/shower head and hand held shower to create an invigorating shower environment for our clients each morning!


The existing vanity was long enough to accommodate two sinks but, unfortunately, not deep enough.

We started making tiny holes in the wall to determine if there were any unused areas behind the wall, and yes, we hit gold – even if it was just a few inches!


We pushed the wall back those few precious inches to allow for new medicine cabinets with a built-in outlet to charge electric toothbrushes and shavers. Hidden outlets create a clutter-free look! Just what we were hoping for – enough space for two sinks and a bank of mirrored cabinets! Despite the large pipes running up and down the length of the wall, we were able to frame the cabinets and install the rough-ins for the wall mounted faucets.


Since the space only allowed for a 19” deep vanity, we installed wall mounted faucets for a clean, sleek look. We have to create as we go, expertly adjusting to changing work environments to solve problems, provide additional space and create a new aesthetic.

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